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+ c#, .net, javascript, xamarin, git, aws, azure, sqlserver
! java, python, node.js, mysql
@@ learning clojure @@

hi, my name is Luiza. i’m 22 years old brazilian, living in curitiba - pr. i’m from a small town called itarare, where i’m always travelling to visiting my family. currentaly, i’m a post-graduate student in applied AI at federal university of parana (UFPR). i work with back-end development for more than 2 years, mostly using c#.

i love study about artificial intelligence and i see myself working with that one day.

fun facts ✨

  • 🏃‍♀️ i started running this year. i run 5km for now and my goal is to do marathons
  • i like to eat popcorn with coffee with milk
  • i’ve watched doctor who 2 times (i love watching things that have time travel)
  • i listen to horror podcasts and can’t sleep afterwards
  • my favorite cartoon is scooby-doo

my setup ✨

+ lenovo ideapad l340
- intel core i7-9750H
- 8gb ram
- 1tb hd
- NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 3GB

+ macbook pro 2013
- intel core i7
- 16gb ram
- 500gb ssd + 500gb ssd

hello@luiza.dev ||| github.com/luizous
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